Insurance Work

Full roofing projects now require by law full planning application to your local council. Not only will we provide you with a detailed specification and quotation, we will also submit your application to the local council taking all the stress and red tape away from you so that you can relax and simply enjoy your new roof. Many people are unaware of the new planning application requirements and allow builders to re-roof their property without proper applications being in force only to find difficulty in selling their homes later on with the new Governing HIPP forms requiring proof of planning application for all re-roofs since 2007.

Insurance Repairs Specialist. We can manage your whole claims and invoice your insurance company direct. You will have the satisfaction and security of knowing that we only use our own fully qualified staff. We never sub-contract. We are of Tameside Metropolitan Borough Council Trading Standards Approved Contractors and our governing body is the Federation of Master Builders. All repairs are guaranteed for a period between a minimum of 12 months for small standard repairs, up to 50 years for more complex, major refurbishments. We have been trading since 1953 so you can be sure that you are in the safe hands of professionals.